Apply Human Factors and
Master Business Excellence.

Amplifying the effectiveness of your business excellence models (BEMs) and experience through specific human factors training.

Support Enablement

Learning & Development

Interdependent Non Technical Skills & Valid mental models for High functionality & High performance teams.

Process Functionality

Aligning processes with organization's strategic goals, designing and implementing process architectures, establishing process measurement systems that align with the organizational goals

Operational Excellence

Principles and tools to create a culture of excellence on ways that every employee can see, deliver and improve the flow of value.


The mission of Bailout Human Synthesis is the training, the consolidation, the development and the empowerment of Executives, Managers and Project teams. Unparalleled simulation experiences in dynamic, complex and ever-changing environments, helping people and organizations who trust us to solve problems, overcome obstacles and thrive.

Strategy planning

Our Training and Services are an unparalleled, imaginative combination of 

Human Factors & Ergonomics

Reduce human error, increase productivity, and improve security & comfort by emphasizing to human-to-human and human-to-systems interactions.


Behavioral design, design and operation techniques in information systems and applications, optimizing interactions and increasing ROI

HITL Simulations

Simulators & models adapted to Human Factors, in ways that facilitates the easier detection of problems that are not easily identified by traditional simulation methods.

Practical solutions based on experience in complex conditions and problems. The training, the consulting and the services of Bailout Human Synthesis directly concern anyone who leads or is a member of a team that operates in dynamic situations. Simple and direct, but at on the same time strategic and diplomatic, the leadership methods we apply will make your team perform at the highest possible level.

Other Services

Speaking Engagements



Marketing & Sales Consultancy & Training


HITL Simulation Retreats